Why You Shouldn’t Sue ME

Warning this site has a potty mouth sometimes…or maybe Imma gonna say something that pisses you off. So deal with it man!

Or are you too much of wussy little crybaby to handle it?

Betcha are.

So man up and realize that all of this information on this blog is an outlet for me. So stop….just stop… I have freedom of speech too.

If your panzie britches can’t handle it, I will have my little friend show you to the proverbial door.

Lady Cyber Viper can be kinda cruel, so don’t mess with me.

OK…seriously, don’t take this blog too seriously. It is meant just for fun.

By remaining on the site, you are agreeing to the terms which is that you will not hold me liable for anything.

Btw cyber bloggers are protected by the same laws as journalist…so booyah.

See ya.


Also…just so ya feel me. I keep everything private. I don’t track you like Amazon and the big Gman…rhymes with oogle.

Catch ya later.