When Plants Die and Relationships are Born.

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Roof Cleaning Gone Bad

The last time I had my roof cleaned, it was pressure-washed, and the dang mold was back in less than a year.  So this time I went a different route, and I called an outfit that cleans roofs chemically. They said it would be several years, most likely, before mold started growing back. In fact, they gave a warranty that if any mold grew back within a year of the clean, they would re-treat that area for free.

So I hired them. It cost me $150 more than what I paid to get the roof pressure-washed, but from the sounds of it, it’ll be worth it.

On the scheduled day, the company showed up in a big flatbed truck with lots of tanks and hose reels and various pieces of equipment. I was impressed. In about four hours, they had the job all done. My roof looked like new. They coiled up their hoses, put away their tarps and buckets, took my check, and left.

That was a month ago.

Two weeks ago I was working outside, and I noticed that all the leaves on the side of the hedge toward the house were brown and crispy.  Two specimen bushes had dropped most of their foliage.  And at the back of the house, another hedge was fried at one end.

“What in the world?” I thought. I wracked my brain, trying to think what could have caused the damage. And then it occurred to me: my roof was cleaned with chemicals. Could that solution have dripped off the roof and damaged the plants?

That had to be it.
I had paid good money to get my roof cleaned, and the damaged plants did not make me happy. I called the company. I spoke with the owner and told him about my plants. He was polite and said they would come out and take a look.

I half-expected that they wouldn’t show up, so I was pleasantly surprised when they did. I showed them all the plants, bracing myself for them to blow me off and say it wasn’t their fault.

They didn’t. Instead they apologized for the damage, said they would replace the plants, and told me when they’d do the work.

The day before they were due, I got a text reminder. And the next day (yesterday), they appeared with the replacement plants. Loropetalum, viburnum, ixora prob from Home Depot but who cares. . . all installed over the next hour (and the damaged plants removed).  And then they left.

You know, even though that business damaged some of my plants, I would hire them again to clean my roof. Why? Because of how they handled the problem. They answered my initial phone call. They came back out. They took responsibility for the damage. They told me what they would do about it, and then they showed up on schedule and did it.

That says a lot to me. It’s a sign that a company isn’t just out to do a job and cash the check. It’s a company that’s proud of their work, stands by it, and cares that the customer is satisfied. And has the integrity to bring the fix if the work is flawed.
That’s the way all business should be done.

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