Warning about reducing Butter in recipes

Thou Shalt Not Reduce Thy Butter

I was whipping out a batch of chocolate-chip cookies yesterday, and, as always, was aghast at how much butter is in those things. It’s no WONDER we get fat from eating too many chocolate chip cookies! Holy crap!
I don’t know why I’m still struck by the amount of butter in chocolate-chip cookies. I mean, I’ve made them for years now. You’d think it wouldn’t faze me anymore.
I still remember my early forays into the world of baking. Specifically, into the realm of cookie making. I remember looking at the recipe for chocolate-chip cookies—at the line that said “1 cup butter”—and proclaiming, righteously, “Oh, no way. We are not doing that. No one needs that much butter in cookies. We’ll just reduce the amount and no one will be the wiser.”
I reduced the amount to, I don’t know, maybe a quarter of a cup. Maybe less. I carried out all the other directions and measurements faithfully, used an ice-cream scoop to form the cookie balls, arranged them on the sheet, and popped them in the oven. They smelled good while they baked and I was pretty proud. Yep, I was making my new husband some pretty bad-ass decadence, and he was going to be a happy man.
The timer went off, I grabbed the potholders, opened the oven door, and . . . something was most definitely not right. There were no soft, bubbly, spread-out rounds of gooey, chocolate-studded delights. Nope. What met my gaze was a bunch of rock-like, hard, brown cookie balls, all squatting exactly where my scoop had deposited them. Like hand-rolled turds, staring at me with their little chocolate-chunk turd eyes.
It was most disappointing. I was not a happy woman, and my new husband was not a happy man.     On that day I learned a valuable lesson: thou shalt not reduce thy butter. I have not made the same mistake again. Yesterday’s chocolate-chip cookies had an entire cup of butter, and EVERYONE was happy.

Here are some pretty cool cookie recipes if you are so inclined….and remember don’t reduce the butter.


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