I had to destroy my puffy eyes.

Beauty by birthright? I don’t think so.

We aren’t all blessed, and so we look for solutions.  This is what this is about. For me….Well uhhh…

Bags under my eyes are the . . .well . . . bane of my existence. I’ll be walking through a department store, catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and go, “Holy cow, I’m packing suitcases on my face.” Sexy this is not.

It has bothered me for a long time. I know it’s not just an age thing. It’s genetic. My daughter has bags under her eyes, too.

My inner-circle friends know that the puffiness under my eyes bothers me a lot. I have only told the choice few, though. It’s not something I shout from the mountaintops. We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like, and since I don’t enjoy hearing other people drone on and on about their imperfections, I try to spare people the same thing from me.

Anyway, about a year ago, a friend—one of the select few who are aware of my Puffy Eye Issue—shared a Facebook post to my page. It was a promo video featuring a product called “Instantly Ageless.” It claimed to make under-eye puffiness disappear.
Of course, I was all ears. All eyes, technically.

I watched the video, which did not look edited or time-lapsed or photoshopped or surgically altered, and let’s just say, I was impressed. The chick in the video definitely had bags under her eyes. She dabbed some of this product on, waved it dry with her hands, and voila . . . the bags were markedly reduced. I was so impressed that I contacted the woman (my friend’s husband’s cousin) who had posted the video and sold the product. I ordered a box for $89 (pretty extravagant for me) and waited for it to arrive.

My box of Instantly Ageless was delivered, and of course, I instantly tried it out. For some reason, there were no directions, so I just jumped in. I took one of the fifty sachets in the box, snipped off the top, and squeezed out the product. Dabbed it under my eyes, squeezed more out, dabbed, squeezed all the rest out, and applied it liberally. Then fanned my face and waited.

Really, it’s a good thing I didn’t try it for the first time just before running out the door somewhere. You know when people say, “Mom, you got my pigtails too tight,” and they have their hands on the sides of their faces, pulling their skin super tight so that their eyes and lips are stretched back? Well, let me tell you, that’s what I looked like. My eyes, that is. Not my lips.

It was pretty funny. Not only did I look like I’d just had a botched facelift, but I felt like I had had a facial done with super-glue. I gazed at myself in the mirror and just cracked up.

I scrubbed it all off and started again. Apparently one is not supposed to apply an entire sachet. No. One should just apply tiny amounts, fingertip by fingertip, fanning the applied area until it dries, and applying more product only as necessary.
The second time around yielded the results I had hoped for. It was honestly pretty amazing. The puffiness under my eyes shrunk from Messenger Bag size down to the thickness of an Evening Clutch.

So, this is actually a 100% positive review for Instantly Ageless. I find that the sachets last for three to four applications, and the product truly works. Since eye puffiness is apparently hereditary, I plan to order crates of Instantly Ageless so that I can distribute it to my children, grandchildren, and all generations to come.

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